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Causes of House Fires and Prevention Tips

According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), there are hundreds of thousands of residential fires each year. Those fires result in thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in property loss. These numbers are staggering, so it is important to explore what the common causes of these fires are and how they can be prevented. Cooking Cooking is one of the leading causes of residential fires. Therefore, safe cooking methods are crucial. Never leave the stove unattended. People often think they will go to another area of the house to take care of something quickly and then return to the kitchen, only to be distracted and completely forget about the item they were cooking until it is too late. Never leave the house with something cooking. Heating Your heating system should be inspected annually by a professional. They will verify everything is working properly, including emergency shut offs. If you discover an issue with your heating system have a professional handle the repair. Having your heating system professionally inspected and repaired will reduce the likelihood of an equipment malfunction. Be extra careful with portable heaters. According to the USFA, about 14 percent of reported home fires are caused by portable heaters. Be sure your heater is kept away from material that can ignite, such as upholstery, bedding and clothing. Never leave a portable heater unattended. Smoking Smoking is a common cause of fires, especially those that result in a fatality. If possible, refrain from smoking inside your home. It’s better for your health and reduces the chance of setting you own home on fire. If you do smoke inside your home, never smoke in the bed where there’s a high risk of falling asleep while smoking. In addition to following the above tips to avoid having a house fire, it is important to have working smoke alarms in case one does ignite. Sometimes even with the best intentions, a fire can start. For example, electrical malfunctions are another known cause of fires. You want everyone in the home to be alerted if a fire does start so they can safely leave the house. Working smoke detectors are often the difference between the fire only causing structural damage and the fire causing a fatality. Often the damage caused by the fire can also be reduced if residents and the fire station are given immediate notification. Concerned about fire damage? Home insurance covers damages and destruction caused by fire, whether due to a tipped candle or a lightning storm. Protect your family today. Contact Casey Insurance Group for more information on home insurance.

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