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Best Practices to Keep Your Boat Safe When It’s Docked

No one can be attentive to their boat all the time. Leaving it docked or in storage can be nerve wracking, especially if you live in an area with a high rate of storms or theft. There are certain measures you can take to secure your boat even when you’re away. Tie Securely One of the most basic steps you can take is ensuring that the boat is tied securely to the dock. Make sure the ropes are new and high quality and tied tight enough to reduce slack over time. If the boat is sitting over a long period of time, you may want to have someone visit the boat to check on the ties and the water levels. Clear Out the Boat Before leaving the boat at the dock, make sure no valuables are left on the boat. It’s easy to be forgetful but leaving valuables on the boat can tempt thieves or simply cause you to lose valuable items that are hard or expensive to replace. Keep an Eye on the Weather Whether your boat is docked near your home or far away, keep an eye on the weather in your boat’s area. Of course, it’s not recommended that you check on your boat in the middle of a storm, but in the following days, you may want to check for possible damage. Make Sure Maintenance is Up to Par While you won’t be riding your boat on the water, it’s still crucial to make sure your boat is up to code. Anything mechanically wrong—such as leaking oil or fuel—can cause damage to the water and its inhabitants. Look for leaks, cracks or other issues that could possibly worsen over time. Cover the Boat This may seem obvious, but many people dock their boat without having a proper covering. Although the marina itself may have a roof, that doesn’t stop bugs, birds and other creatures from inviting themselves onto your boat while you’re away. Make sure to purchase a high-quality boat cover that is made to withstand wind, rain and hail and secure the cover over your boat before leaving it. When possible, you may want to leave your boat in storage as opposed to a marina, as this will reduce the possibility of a harsh storm causing water damage or dragging the boat away from the docks.

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