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Auto Insurance Coverage for Your Body Additions

There’s something cool about a vehicle with a spoiler on the back of it. On the other hand, you may want a chrome bumper — something that really stands out. These are vehicle customizations. When it comes to your car insurance, it’s important to let your agent know about them. They can impact rates and coverage needs. Here’s a closer look. What Makes Parts Customized? Adding custom parts and equipment to your vehicle is a way to make it more distinctive and unique. Any type of addition or upgrade you make might increase the car’s value, and can impact the vehicle’s coverage needs. The good news is your insurance may help to cover these types of assets. Consider the Investment In Customized Parts And Equipment Coverage If you add valuable components to your car, it may be important to purchase coverage for those items specifically. Known as customized parts and equipment coverage, this auto insurance endorsement can help cover many types of risks. Here are a few potential examples:

  • The policy may help replace custom parts under a covered peril.

  • It may help cover repairs to components.

There are limits to this coverage. Most policies have an upper limit. Be sure it’s enough to cover the value of your additions. Remember to read your policy to know the coverage details. This type of endorsement to your car insurance policy is specific to the features you tell your agent about on your car. Some things that you maybe able to apply coverage for include the following:

  • Height-extending rims

  • Custom grilles, spoilers, hood scoops or side pipes

  • Special carpeting applications

  • Custom wheels and spinners

  • Enhancements to the body, exhaust, and engine

  • Custom paint, murals, or decals

  • Custom chrome

  • Anti-sway bars, anti-roll features, and winches

Also, depending on the policy, you may be able to extend coverage to things like tech modifications you make, including Wi-Fi access components, navigation systems, sound reproducing equipment, television equipment and radios. If you are unsure if you should add these types of features, be sure to talk to your agent. Auto insurance should match your needs. For that to happen, your Casey Insurance Group representative needs to know the details about your car. If you add any of these features, contact your agent to learn about how you can protect them and help prevent loss if an incident occurs.

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