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Marine Insurance in Florida


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Marine Insurance Information

Marine insurance is an important consideration if you transport products by ship, cargo or terminals. It can help ensure that the items transported are covered as they travel from their point of travel to their final destination. Marine insurance covers all kinds of freight transportation and has two main branches of coverage that we discuss. Our Casey Insurance Group agents are ready to assist you with your coverage needs today.  

What Does Marine Insurance Cover?  

There are two primary branches of marine insurance: ocean marine and inland marine. Ocean marine mainly covers water-based exposures, while inland marine mainly covers land-based exposures. There are several risks that marine insurance can help provide coverage for, including:  


  • Damage or loss to cargo

  • Piracy and cross-border shoot-outs

  • Theft

Marine insurance won’t cover all risks. Talk to your Casey Insurance Group agent today to learn what exclusions may apply.  

Be sure to speak with an agent about your coverage needs to learn more about the risks your policy will help cover.  

What Are the Different Types of Marine Insurance?  

Three main types of marine insurance are available for you to purchase, including:  

1. Hull insurance—Helps offer protection for physical damages to your boat or vessel, including operating equipment and machinery. This policy can be purchased for all water vessels and commercial-based ocean crafts.  

2. Cargo insurance—Helps provide coverage for physical damage to cargo used as part of travel in the shipment process.  

3. Marine liability insurance—Helps offer protection for third-party liabilities that owners and corporations are exposed to during water operations. Coverage includes injuries, illnesses or even death due to vessel operation.  

The kind of coverage you will need will be dependent on your needs. Be sure to speak with an agent before confirming your coverage.  

How Much Does Marine Insurance Cost?  

A risk assessment can determine the cost of marine insurance. The risk assessment will determine the premium rate for marine insurance. The factors that go into calculating your premium may vary. Connect with an agent to receive a premium today.  

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Our Casey Insurance Group agents are prepared to help you navigate marine insurance. Reach out to an agent if you have further questions or are looking to get started with coverage.   

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